A Future of New Possibilities

Be an asset gatherer, not an asset manager with Starlight Portfolios. As an advisor representative with TLG Advisors, you have access to this asset management platform to streamline your business.

Five aspects that make Starlight Portfolios unique.

Top Fund Managers

Fund managers selected based on criteria aligned with investment objectives across diverse asset classes.

Professional Portfolio Management

Investment committee driven and tailored to client needs.

Paperless Experience

Simplified digital account opening and reporting for customer and advisor.

Custom Branded

Labeled to the advisor’s business.

Scalable to Your Business

Marketable to any customer profile and account size without additional stress on the advisor resources.

Easy Account Setup
We make it fast and simple to open an account with us.

Transparent Pricing
We believe that investing should be affordable for any type of client, with no hidden fees.

Research-Based Recommendations
Our dedicated investment committee continually reviews the portfolios based on views and research from the most respected analysts in the industry. 

Finding the Right Blend of Investments

Our risk profile questionnaire will evaluate the client’s risk tolerance and financial goals as they go through the automated questionnaire process. The right mix of investments is then comprised into a portfolio for the client.

Starlight Portfolios offers sophisticated income portfolios utilizing Portfolio Waterfall, a unique strategy available to IARs of TLG Advisors, Inc. To find out more about Starlight Portfolios and Portfolio Waterfall, please visit www.StarlightforAdvisors.com.

Learn more about Starlight Portfolios and our IAR solution today!